Candling Pictures

24 hours (Day 1)

48 hours (Day 2)

72 hours (Day 3)

96 hours (Day 4)

120 hours (Day 5)

144 hours (Day 6)

168 hours (Day 7)

192 hours (Day 8)

216 hours (Day 9)

240 hours (Day 10)

Day 11 (264 hours)

Day 12 (288 hours)

Day 13 (312 hours)
A bit dark, so...

An alternate view of Day 13

Day 14 (336 hours)
One week to go!

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18 - Lockdown/Confinement

Day 19... Sometimes there are early pips! That is why we lockdown on Day 18.

Day 20 - "Early Birds"!

Day 21 - Due Date

Day 22 - Everybody has hatched!

Non-developing Eggs:

Blood ring

Blood ring

Another blood ring

Clear (no development)

28 thoughts on “Candling Pictures

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  2. Very Helpful, I have a few eggs that look just like you’rs under the NON developing and ALOT that look like the developing.. VERY helpful!

      • I am incubating different breeds of chicken, I even have Swedish Flower Hen chicken eggs.. Do you possibly happen to have a picture of you candling a daed embryo :(? I think on of them just died, but I don’t know for sure. It hasn’t moved and has quite a bit of blood “looking” in the egg then their is a blotch in it where the veigns are making it look…

      • What day are they on? Early on, it would look like one of the blood ring pictures towards the bottom of the page. Later, the egg is so dark that it is difficult to tell. My advice is to leave in any egg that is mostly dark. Many people have cracked open an egg they thought was dead only to find a little living embryo inside. Unless it is leaking or smells bad, leave it in unless it is clearly a blood ring or clear. I would love to hear more about your hatch! Maybe you could take a picture of the egg in question and post it on flickr or a similar site and I could take a look.

      • EXACTLY! I want to raise the rare breeds, but only hens as we live in a neighborhood and don’t think my neighbors would be thrilled with a rooster LOL. Uhmm I don’t have flikr, I do have face book? I was told by someone that it looks alive to them, but the chick hasn’t moved in a few days, isn’t reacting to anything and there looks to be blood in the egg that doesn’t belong to the “veigns”

  3. They are on day 20.. Last time i looked was on day 18 and the chick looked like a 15 days.. Looks small compared to the others wich cover the whole egg..

    • I have definitely had eggs hatch that I couldn’t see moving. If it looks a few days behind the others of the same breed/shell color, then it is possible that it is not developing well. I have had chicks that hatched three days after the others, and they were never as vigorous as the earlier chicks. All of that said, it is really difficult to determine. If you are so close to hatch, just leave it in and see what happens in the next few days. Today must be day 21 for you! Any chicks yet?

  4. Sadly no, am still waiitng. I had a dream of them hatching so maybe that’s a sign :P.. I am going to be getting a silkie chicken to help me with the hatching.. I have 2 other chickens, but they’re too young.. They also pick on each other too much so yeah..

  5. well I have my silkie and she has been removed from the other girls as they are just too mean to her. I put 4 eggs in with them so she would sit on them, but she didn’t and my other 2 did. they are only 4-6 months old if I remember correctly. my silkie is the oldest and already begun laying. anyway checked those eggs and 2 seem to be good, but 2 were bad so I left the 2 good ones with the girls. I also go in my incubator and all the eggs were good sept 2 as well. so now I’m down to 24 eggs

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  7. my mom gave us an incubator for christmas. we went out multiple times each day after christmas to collect eggs. we finally had 6 eggs from our French copper marans. we are so excited. we are on day 5. we’re not going to peek at the eggs until day 14. so we were excited when mom showed us your site. thanks

    • That’s excellent! Hatching is very exciting. I love candling and watching the chick grow! I’m sure your eggs are very dark. The brown coating will make it harder to see into the eggs when you look on day 14. Be sure you have a really bright light. Good luck!

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  9. Is it possible to see the internal structure of the chickens between 10-15 day with another source or capturing the image ,like infra red imaging or thermal imaging

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  11. I incubated 42 eggs and all produced babies, however, not a single one hatched, it made me sad to think I may have done something to cause this. Any suggestions or info where i might go to find out what went wrong, I hatched out 4 incubators last year without incident. Any suggestions

  12. I have turkey eggs and they r only dark when I candle them. I can see an air sac and it looks pretty big I’m on day 18 ,does that sound normal? Cant really see any movement.

  13. Hey my name is william, I have about a dozen turkey eggs,they r about 18 days now seen some movement in some, seen liquid movement in some, seen liquid movement that appeared to b in the air sac on one. I noticed that some air sacs r larger some smaller; I’m pretty sure that this has different meanings and I figure that some r not good. Care to elaborate you find so many different opinions by surfing the web?.. Some say dry incubation 4 the first 18 days then high humidity for the remainder..give me your expert opinion……..please Thanx!

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  15. Hello…my school had six miniature silky eggs delivered in incubator…one chick hatched on day 21 second and third day after they are thriving in box and warm plate…however I have brought the three remaining eggs home and tried to candle them…One has obvious signs of blood ring the other just seems transparent…however one egg is dark with air sac It is now 24 days old…I think if the eggs were layed at the same time? The others had clear cheeping before pecking from their shells…is it a dead developed chick inside ? I am still turning it in the hope it is a late developer…there is no point me leaving the other two eggs in there is there…the clear egg which doesn’t have a blood ring the shell looks porous
    Thank you for any advise
    Julie Gaskill

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