Questionnaire for Experienced Poultry Keepers

If you have been keeping poultry for five years or more, chances are you know what you’re doing.  I’d love you to share some of your experiences and insights with the Scratch Cradle readership.

I would like to feature experienced poultry keepers on Scratch Cradle, once a week for 12 weeks beginning once I have enough qualifying entries.  If you have been keeping poultry for five years or more and would be interested in sharing your experiences on Scratch Cradle, please complete the questionnaire linked below.  I will present your responses in an interview-style format interspersed with any images you share.  I will also include links to your personal or professional website or social media site as requested.

I’ve created a questionnaire on Adobe Forms Central.  You can answer as many or as few of the questions as you like in as great or little depth as you like.  If I select your entry to be featured on the blog, I will contact you at the email address you provide and ask for any photographs that you might like to share.  All photographs will remain your property.  They will be attributed as you specify and may include watermarks or copyrights.

Because of the limitations of my trial, I can accept only 50 responses.  I appreciate your time and willingness to share your experience.  Thank you, and I look forward to reading your responses!

Go to the form on Adobe Forms Central

Poultry form

One thought on “Questionnaire for Experienced Poultry Keepers

  1. Hello Heather from Australia,

    I chanced upon your blog and thrilled to see that you too are using fermented feeding regimes for chickens. To newcomers I describe it akin to breadmeaking ie using a sourdough type starter, fermenting at the right temperature and of course aiming for that optimum “sweet but sour” smell before releasing it to the chickens.

    After talking to an old-time-egg-farmer here who swore by cracked corn, mixed with molasses and a dash of dolomite (lime/calcium) for his free-range flock, I have since added molasses to my fermented feed mix. It’s easy to overdose it though: about one tablespoon per kg of feed seems to be the tastiest ratio for hens, otherwise they reject their food as too rich (and sweet) for them.

    I’m nowhere near as techo-competent as your blog, so my writing/practices are already dated, but you can check out my initial thoughts on


    Timothy Tweets

    PS I would like to fill out your experienced keepers survey, but wonder if you have reached 50 responses yet?

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