Day-Old Ameraucana Chicks

   Of 16 eggs, 9 made it to lockdown and 6 hatched.  The remaining three are still in the incubator, but there has been no pipping in the last 24 hours.  These eggs survived a trip coast to coast, 2-day Priority shipping that somehow took 5 days.  Lord only knows what they had been through, and I am glad I have chicks the chicks I do.

   Interestingly, there was quite a difference between the success rates for the Silvers and Wheatens.  1 Silver egg was a clear, 1 a late quitter, and 1 has not hatched: Out of an original 8 eggs, I have 5 chicks.  Three of the Wheaten eggs were clears, 2 quit early, and 2 have not hatched: Out of an original 8 eggs, I have 1 chick.  Clearly, there is some difference between these two varieties.

  And now, without further delay, here are the newest fuzz butts:

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2 thoughts on “Day-Old Ameraucana Chicks

  1. Silver Ameraucana (4) is my favorite 🙂 They are soooo cute! And now you have yellow ones…you know, regular chickies!

    • He’s got personality! 🙂 Yes, the yellow chick is such a classic. I should probably make him pose in an Easter basket or something before he gets much bigger. Hmm… 🙂

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