Free PDF download of Scratch Cradle’s Guide to Incubation!

The PDF is available from Scratch Cradle’s Google Drive.

Other Downloads:

Scratch’s Hatch and Candling Calendar (JPEG image download)

Chicken Expenses Workbook (For Excel 2010)

Chicken Expenses Workbook (Compatible with Excel 97-2003)

Keep track of how much your chickens are costing you.  Click “download” in the right-hand column.

Enter each transaction on a new line.  Every time you purchase something, enter the price under “$ Paid.”  Every time you sell something, such as eggs or chicks, enter the profit under “$ Earned.”  The “Total Expenditures” column will tell you how much you have spent on your chickens, minus how much you have recouped in sales.  If you actually begin earning money, the “Total Expenditures” column will show a negative figure.  There are rows for up to 50 transactions.  If you’d like to add more, click down the boxes in the total expenditures column to see how I programmed those cells.  Unfortunately, unused columns will all show your current expenditures, due to the nature of the formula I used, but this is a simple visual nuisance.  NOTE:  DO not add columns or rows to the workbook, or you will need to rewrite the formulas.

Egg Workbook – Excel 2007 workbook 2013

Egg Workbook – Excel 97-2003 worksheet 2013

Read the directions on how to use the spreadsheet here.

With sample data

Here’s a second version of the egg spreadsheet if you like a different look:

Egg Workbook Version 2 – Excel 2007 Workbook 2013

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