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Free Download: Egg Spreadsheet

Egg Workbook – Excel 2007 workbook 2013

Egg Workbook – Excel 97-2003 worksheet 2013

Every day, I weigh the eggs that I have collected, make guesses as to who laid them, and write it down in a little notebook before tucking them away in the fridge.  However, as much as I love a real pen and paper, this makes it a bit more tedious when I want to figure out how many eggs I have gotten so far.

So, I made a little spreadsheet to tally it up for me, and I decided that it might be of some use to others as well.  Simply type in the number of eggs you get each day, and the spreadsheet will tell you how many eggs you have gotten in total and how many dozen that comes to.  If you take a bit of extra time to follow the directions and type in a few numbers, it can also tell you how much money it would have cost you to buy those eggs at whatever price you are used to paying and how much you would have made if you sold all of those eggs at whatever your going rate is.

With sample data

I ran the dates out for quite a while, but if you use it for several years, you will want to add more dates by highlighting the last few and running the highlight box down so that the program will fill in more dates.  I also think the summing formula in C2 only runs for 900-some days; you can extend that by clicking on the box and updating the cell number to the highest you’ve reached.

You can also highlight the date and egg number columns for however much data you have and insert a graph that shows your egg production.  If you need any help, you can leave a comment for me or take a look at Excel Help.

Highlight the data you want in your chart

“Insert,” “Line”

Graph of egg production!

Here’s a second version of the egg spreadsheet if you like a different look:

Egg Workbook Version 2 – Excel 2007 Workbook 2013

5 thoughts on “Free Download: Egg Spreadsheet

    • Yeah, it’s definitely for those who are obsessive record-keepers. 🙂 I just made it for myself (because I might just fall into this category), and thought I’d share a copy in case anyone else did, too. I made another spreadsheet awhile back to keep track of my chicken expenses which some people found helpful. I’ve got that and a few other things on my downloads page. I’ve been keeping up with the egg spreadsheet so far (mostly by writing in my little book and then transferring later), but I haven’t been as diligent about tracking my expenses. I like your blog, by the way! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  1. Heather, what a lot of work you put into these spreadsheets! They look so useful!

    I have a little surprise for you on my blog post for today. Go take a look!

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