A Collection of Winter Posts


In addition to this week’s The Return of the Egg and Ways to Spend a Snowy Day (If You’re a Chicken), here are some older winter posts to revisit.

Fresh Air for Winter – December 6, 2012: Ventilation and open-air coops

Solstice, Day Length, and Latitude – December 27, 2011: Why day length changes throughout the year and how it affects chickens

Just for fun – Scratch Hot Chocolate – January 1, 2010: Decadent hot chocolate recipe

IMGP8937edbMostly photographs:

Winter Sun – December 17, 2011: Flock roaming the forest

Finally Some Snow! – February 20, 2012: Snow around the property

Chickens in the Snow – February 23, 2012: Chickens, snow, and chickens-in-snow


In preparation for hatching season:

Scratch Cradle’s Guide to Incubation – January 1, 2012: Free download

Candling Pictures – March 31, 2012: Candling pictures of eggs, day by day

Feeding Breeders – March 5, 2012: Feeding your breeding birds right for fertility and healthy chicks

Collecting and Shipping Hatching Eggs – March 12, 2012: Directions for collecting, storing, selecting, and packing hatching eggs

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