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Hatch Update: Final Result and Reflections

Sussex, Sussex cross, and Marans chicks

Well, the hatch is over.  I ended up having 21 chicks hatch, one died, and another was deformed and had to be put down.  I will discuss the losses in later posts, but I want to celebrate the chicks I have!  After the last update, I had one more Speckled Sussex chick hatch!

Blue Birchen Marans chick

So, the final total, minus the losses is: 6 Basque Hens, 1 Orpington mix, 2 Marans mixes, 2 Birchen Marans, 1 Brown Leghorn, and 7 Speckled Sussex and Sussex Easter Eggers; 19 chicks.  The eggs I set from my flock did fantastically well both here and in Arizona!  My swap partner hatched 9 out of 10 eggs that I sent!  I think my breeder ration and shipping method made a great impact.

Brown Leghorn chick

This hatch has definately made me believe in the power of shipping methods.  0 out of 7 of these eggs hatched:

While 9 out of 10 of these eggs hatched:

I candled the eggs along the way and posted pictures of days 1 to 14 here on the blog.   I am posting all of the candling pictures from day 1 to 18 together here.

Basque Hens and Orpington


5 thoughts on “Hatch Update: Final Result and Reflections

  1. Insanely cute! Congratulations. I have fresh cheepers here and are glued to their brooder!

    We learn a little more every time we do a hatch! I agree on the shipping method and even correct handling after they arrive too can make a huge difference. And hatchability always seems to be way better with a breeder ration! So now you know questions to ask the breeder/shipper when buying fertile eggs.

    • There’s nothing like hatching! I also love hatching because it reduces the number of things you might introduce to your flock. Some diseases can be transmitted by hatching eggs, but it cuts the risk to the flock way down. And then you get to witness the process!

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