Chicken Nipple Bucket Waterer

   Inspired by the same principles that led me to brooding with a hamster waterer, I will water my flock using chicken nipples.  The water will remain clear of poop and shavings.  There may be some dampness beneath the nipples, but this is easily managed.  That said, the nipples should not leak.  When the chickens drink, they may simply spill some water.

There are a number of different types of chicken nipples available.  I used these nipplespurchased on Amazon.   These are the screw-in style and are recommended for use in thicker plastics.  They have worked well so far.  Recommendations vary from 1 nipple for every 3 chickens to 1 nipple for every 17.   I have observed my 11 chicks, and everyone has their turn at the waterer, so they are sharing one nipple for now.

I am using a 2-gallon bucket purchased from Lowes for about $3 plus $1-something for the lid.  I have two that I can change out, especially important in the winter when the water in the coop may have frozen overnignt; I will bring out warm water in the morning.  These 2-gallon waterers will stay with the little coop.  I have a 5-gallon bucket that I will use with several nipples for the larger adult flock when free-ranging and will get something similar for the large coop.

Edited to add: A great idea!  If your chickens aren’t figuring out the nipple waterer, try a dab of peanut butter!

Update: I also use clear juice, water, or vinegar bottles.  These are difficult to wash but free, so when they get dirty, I just remove the chicken nipple, wash it thoroughly, and insert it into a new bottle.

8 thoughts on “Chicken Nipple Bucket Waterer

  1. Those things are awesome! I’m so glad I found them on Ebay, my ducks even figured out how to use them!

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  5. Transferring my chicks to their new home . . .the outdoor coop. . . .this weekend and plan on making one of these neat waterers for them. . . .great idea!

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