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Four Poultry Pitfalls to Avoid on Community Chickens

I’m taking the weekend off from my usual moving-madness to catch up – catch up on sleep, catch up on chores, and catch up on my online commitments.  I even took a nap this afternoon – can you believe it?  It was well-deserved, I assure you.  I have only a week and a half until my teaching school year is complete, and then it will be time to move!  Of course, my current house is still not quite ready to sell, but we’ll be able to put the finishing touches on the house once the chickens, cats, and dog are moved over to the new place.  In fact, my husband and his friend are building the hoop coop I mentioned as I speak.  (Write!)

So, I stopped by Community Chickens for a quick post about four common ‘poultry pitfalls’ which are easily avoided.  You can hop over for a read if you like.  Have a great weekend, and I hope you have time to do some catching up as well!


Four Poultry Pitfalls

Been there, done that!  The biggest poultry pitfalls are also the easiest to avoid.  Caused mostly by over-enthusiasm and good intentions, these missteps can cause stress, illness, injury, shortened lifespan, and impaired offspring.  Avoid these common pitfalls and enjoy a healthy, happy flock for generations!

Raising more chickens than you have room for

There are so many gorgeous, intriguing breeds of chickens!  Blue feathering, spiky topknots, feathered feet, and chocolate-colored eggs tempt us into expanding our flock every season.  Hatching eggs are addictive, and hatcheries usually have a minimum order of 25.  It’s easy for a flock to enlarge beyond the capacity of the coop and run.  Ideally, chickens need a minimum of 4 square feet of space per bird inside the coop and 10 square feet apiece in the run.  With a greater density, such as the commercially-based popular figure of 1-2 square feet per chicken in the coop, there is much more debris and droppings in the coop, and it builds up quickly unless you plan to clean your coop every other day…

2 thoughts on “Four Poultry Pitfalls to Avoid on Community Chickens

  1. Yes, I am guilty of raising more chickens than I have room for. Now I’m planning to build a new coop. Also to make more room I opened up the ceiling so that my chooks can roost up high. We’re managing but I have been accused of this for the very reasons you mentioned. 😦

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