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Peek at the Hoop Coop

My husband and his friend made our hoop coop this past weekend.  It was made with two 4’x16′ cattle panels bent over an 8’x8′ base.  My husband says it’s really solid.  They built it sturdily so that it can be dragged around the yard by the tractor.  The wood is notched at the bottom corners so that the pieces fit over each other.  Unfortunately, I forgot to send a camera with him, so all I have are a couple of cell phone shots.  I’ll be moving the chickens out this weekend and taking plenty of pictures for you.


downsized_0604131141And for the tractor enthusiasts, we got a 1952 Ford 8N this spring, mostly for plowing the driveway.  My husband loves it.


6 thoughts on “Peek at the Hoop Coop

  1. I know next to nothing about tractors, but anything that is still running from ’52 has GOT to be a gem! Congrats on that! The hoop coop is a great idea- makes me wish we had grass, lol. Do you have to have a tarp or something for it in case of sudden rain/hail storms or a relentless hot day/heat spell?

  2. Like the hoop coop, looks pretty sturdy, but I love the tractor! I have been keeping an eye out for a Farmall to restore, but also love the Ford’s. I can’t really justify getting one on our current 1/4 acre lot, but it would be nice to have when we get our next property!

  3. I was just thinking of making one of these…nicely done! Let us know how it works and if you have any improvements. Ciao.

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  5. We also move our coop with a Ford 8N! Our chicken run is 7’x12′ and we used welded wire, which made it very heavy but we’re able to drag it with a dolly every couple of days to a new patch of ground. It was a struggle to make the coop and run big enough, secure enough, but light enough to be moveable every few days.

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