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Egg Production

Well, since my first girls began laying this fall, I’ve gotten 387 or 32.25 dozen eggs.  Although I was hoping that my breeder mix would increase or maintain production while improving quality, I actually received six fewer eggs over the past week than the week before.  I wonder if they dislike the the taste of the vitamin water and have been drinking less?  I will probably dilute the water further this week and see if that helps.

My egg production by day; each line is simply one egg

However, most of the decline in production this week is probably due to Phoneix, my littlest hen.  She has decided to go broody, sitting tight on her little egg and two wooden eggs earlier this week.  We’ve been putting her back up on the roost each night, and each morning she comes out to eat scratch with everyone else, but she eventually finds her way back to the nest boxes where she promptly settles into the box with the most eggs.  Funny little chicken.  If she’s still serious come next Saturday, she may get to help me with my Easter Hatch.

While I was looking at my numbers for the past few weeks, I decided to keep going and take a look at my production per week since they began.  It is amazing to see the effect of the day length.  The severe dip in mid November was when Olive went broody, which was relieved somewhat in December as other pullets began to lay.

Weekly egg production since this fall

Now, I want to go back and find weather records to see if there is any correlation with wind, precipitation, or temperature.


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