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One Family’s Flock on Community Chickens

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In the green heart of central Virginia, Laura, her husband Marvin, and their son Ethan work together to care and provide for their flock, and Ethan brings their extra eggs to the local food bank.  In this interview, Laura describes her experiences keeping chickens for the past two years.


How were you first introduced to poultry?

I was first introduced to poultry a couple of years ago at my son-in-law’s farm in rural central Virginia, and it was love at first sight.  At the time I did not feel I had the space to raise poultry, but when we moved a couple of years ago, obtaining a few hens and rooster was one of the first additions to our new household.  I can’t think of anything that we have done as a family that has meant so much to us.  We have a son who has a high functioning autism and this has changed his life.  Working with the poultry on a daily basis is very calming and entertaining to him as well as educational. My husband and I love watching the flock, which originally consisted of eight hens and a very protective rooster, Cletus, who keeps such a good watch that we have yet to lose a member.

Coop greenhouse

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Laura Reynolds shared her experiences with us through the Poultry Keeper Interview.  Head over to Community Chickens to read on.  Laura’s Brown Leghorn rooster, Linus, is in need of a new home.  If you know of anyone in Virginia who is in need of a rooster, let me know!


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