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Care for Your New Chicks on Community Chickens

I have a new post on Community Chickens today for all of you who are getting chicks this week through mail order or at the feed store.  By the way, I also had another post on Community Chickens two weeks ago summarizing information about egg color.  Today is also the last day to enter the Easter Giveaway, and the mandatory entries have been removed so that you can enter any way you can!  Check it out to get a great chicken-themed accessory or gift in time for Easter.


Care for Your New Chicks

When you get your chicks home from the post office or feed store, they will need you to provide water, food, and warmth.  Like a mother hen, you will care for each chick to make sure they are safe, well-fed, and warm so that they can grow up healthy and strong.  Continued on Community Chickens

4 thoughts on “Care for Your New Chicks on Community Chickens

  1. I absolutely love your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights and experiences with us.

    After reading your chick raising article earlier, I tried using apple cider vinegar for the first time. Have you tried a nipple-based waterer for baby chicks? I used an avian aqua miser bottle for my day old chicks (hatched last Sunday) and it is amazing…much less cleanup than previous hatches and it seems like a less bacteria-prone option. It does take a little time for the training, but our Lemon Cuckoo Orpington chicks were drinking within 15 minutes and had it all figured out.

    Steve from Kansas

    • Thank you very much, Steve! I use a hamster water bottle with my chicks after the first few days and then switch them to a nipple as they get older. I just use the hamster bottle because it is so easy to hang in the brooder. I agree that it is much better than using a dish. The water bowl always becomes filled with poop and shavings within minutes. Thanks again, Steve, and good luck with your Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons – beautiful birds!

  2. I’ve been reading through your blog for the past few months in preparation for the arrival of our chicks in a few weeks, it has been so helpful, thanks!

    We’re thinking of fermenting our chicken feed, and was wondering if you ferment feed for new chicks? I remember you saying to only feed adult chickens an amount of fermented feed they can finish in a few minutes, but with chicks who aren’t foraging yet, how often would you have to feed them, or should we just stick with dry feed so they’ll have food at all times? Or maybe do a combination of fermented and dry?

    Thanks for any tips you can provide!


    • You can definitely give chicks fermented feed. It will get a hard crust as it dries out, so you may need to change it out frequently if it is the only feed you provide. I think the combination method is the way to go. You can provide dry feed free-choice and give them the fermented feed once a day. That said, I do know of some people who feed exclusively fermented feed from the beginning. Thanks, Lydia!

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