Scratch Cradle Readership Questionnaire Results!

How many

Thank you all for your responses to the Scratch Cradle Readership Questionnaire!  I am thrilled to know you better.  It’s great to learn so much about the people who make this blog such a joy to write and what you are interested in reading.

Are you curious how others responded?  Here are the results!


How long

Most Scratch Cradle readers live in the country, have a backyard flock of 10-20 chickens, and have kept chickens for 2-5 years.  Readers would love to hear more about basic chicken keeping information, how to feed the flock with homegrown resources, and how to breed a small heritage flock.  These are all excellent topics which I am excited to explore!



Thank you very much for your feedback!  If you haven’t told me about yourself and your interests yet, please do!  The questionnaire is still open.

**Today is the last day to enter the Easter Giveaway!  Check it out and win some great chicken-themed jewelry!



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