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Incubator vs. Broody Hen


Will you be setting eggs this spring under a broody hen or in your incubator?  Both natural and artificial incubation will get the job done, but one may be a better fit for your flock.  Here is a point-by-point comparison of these two methods.

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3 thoughts on “Incubator vs. Broody Hen

  1. I personally like your old blog better, it felt more homey. I think most folks have small home flocks perhaps even for profit but myself I was attracted to the feel of a personal touch rather than a commercial grind. I also like the whole article on the page I open and don’t have to go somewhere else even though the other site is interesting.

    • You know, to be perfectly honest, I agree with you. The other design did feel more homey, and I like being able to scroll down and see all of the full articles. I decided to change it because it was hard to read on some computers. I visited my site one day at work, and the green seemed almost fluorescent. The grey of the words was so light that it was hard to read. I had gotten some comments which said basically, “I really like your blog but it’s too hard to read.” I chose this one because it was black words on a white background and it let me make the pictures 610 pixels wide rather than 450. Since I was ‘decorating,’ I decided to update some pictures and icons, but I don’t want it to feel too commercial. I was going for accessible, and I didn’t want to have to pay for a theme either because I don’t make any money by blogging at this point. Not being able to scroll down and see the whole article is the one thing I don’t like about it. I am very sorry you don’t like it though, Art. You are one of the people I have gotten to know through this blog, and I do value your opinion.

    • Oh, and I just realized you were also referring to the Community Chickens posts. These Friday/Saturday posts which redirect to Community Chickens are extra; they are not in place of my regular posts. My normal Scratch Cradle schedule is one bigger article each Sunday morning, and if I’m not too busy during the week, one more post sometime between Tuesday and Friday which is usually shorter or a bit more personal. My goal is to maintain those two regular Scratch Cradle posts and then add a link to my weekly Community Chickens post on Friday or Saturday.

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