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In light of my upcoming move, I’ve decided to hold off on my aforementioned “grand plan” until next spring.  However, I do have other exciting news.  I’ve been invited to join the team of bloggers at Community Chickens!  You can check out the bios of all Community Chickens contributers here.  You’ll find me down the page – last name beginning with “N”!

I made my first post on Saturday:


Planning Coop Space for the Expanding Flock

This time of year, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are looking ahead towards spring.  Along with the colorful seed catalogs, hatchery catalogs are arriving, and we browse exotic breeds, dreaming of the season ahead.  This is the perfect time of year to set-up breeding pens with your own chickens, order chicks through a hatchery, or order hatching eggs to expand your flock.

All of those new, beautiful chickens will need a place to live… Continued on Community Chickens!


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