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14 thoughts on “Ways to Spend a Snowy Day (If You’re a Chicken)

  1. That good looking fellow at the top and the one that graces our yard could be brothers, grand fellows at that. A couple of years ago I planted many Golden Dewdrop bush/trees, they are just now filling out real good as we get a lot of wind. Now, though, they are havens for the flock when it rains (you get snow, we get rain). The 2.5 month old roos and pullets spend a lot of time under them, shelter from the rain and winds plus they do a lot of scratching under there. I clean out a couple of 5 gallons bucketful’s of the deep litter wood shavings from the coop and scatter that under the Dewdrops, builds up the soil and attracts worms which attracts the flock. Some of the flock like yours will seek shelter in the coop, scattering cracked corn in there really attracts a lot of attention. It is good that there is the scooped out path for them to wonder in and scratch.

    • That does sound just like the chicken traffic in my yard! My front garden is pretty much ornamental, but everything grows tall, rotund, and shady: maiden hair grass, butterfly bush, mock orange, and a bunch of other bushes. It makes for great cover and is always full of earthworms and other live treats. It is tough to find good dirt to scratch under all this crusted snow. The shoveled areas and covered areas are popular these days!

  2. I love this! I can’t usually coax mine out the door in the snow, although I did get them out the other day by creating a path with leaves. They all clustered on it as though it were an island!

    • I have used that trick, too! Shoveling or a path of leaves or straw work well. So does a path of sunflower seeds from the pop door into the yard! I think the pullets who are seeing snow for the first time are the most shocked. It is almost as though they think the ground is just gone and there is nothing to stand on – the coop is just an island in a sea of white…. I really think the leaves or treats help them to see that the world is still solid. 🙂

    • No, mine don’t care for it either! I laughed out loud the second day of snow. My hen Rosie, who had definitely seen snow many times, walked up to the pop door, looked out at the snow, grumbled a few squalks of protest despite the treats laid temptingly at the door, and went right back inside!

  3. I never thought of shoveling a path for them to roam! Our last chickens didn’t mind the snow, however the ladies we have now don’t like it one bit. Poor girls sit in their raised run (the snow falls through) and cackle at us…almost like it’s our fault they can’t go out to their large run or the yard. Tomorrow, I’m going to shovel them a path…or better yet, have my husband use the snow blower to carve one to one of the gardens.
    Thanks for the idea! Our ladies will be happy and thank you too.
    Saw you linking at Tilly’s Nest Blog Hop
    Debbie 🙂

  4. It’s nice to see that other people’s chickens peer in the windows too. I got my first batch in April so I’m pretty new to this.
    Funny story: I came out to get the paper one day to notice a gas can by my car. Puzzled, I gave it to a neighbor as I didn’t want to come out and find my gas tank drained. It took three days before I realized why the would be gas thief ran off without his gas can. I have a light that gets turned on by movement and suddenly realized that my pullets must have turned it on and scared the guy off. Guard chickens!

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