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Arkansas Moment

Here’s a few pictures from my Thanksgiving trip to Northwest Arkansas.  I hope everyone had a beautiful day with friends and family!

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9 thoughts on “Arkansas Moment

    • They are gorgeous! It turns out our property is in Boxley, although the road address says Ponca. I actually took it from our porch, and it’s a bluff on Cave Mountain, near the Boxley Baptist Church.
      I was stunned by all of the bluffs. They are so dramatic. The mountains are different than the Appalachians but there is a very similar feel. The trees are mostly the same, and the fogs sit like a sea in the valleys. The light is amazing, and the skys are so blue. I think we must have more haze and humidity in Virginia. I loved it!

      • I shoot at the church often. It’s a lovely spot. The Ozarks remind me a bit of the Appalacians too, my mom was from Bristol Virginia.

        These bluff lines are everywhere – layers of karst limestone worn down by water. The big difference is that the Appalachians are mountains lifted up from the surface, the Ozarks are hills left behind as water cut down into the surface. It makes for some gorgeous foggy mornings. The skies this time of year are very blue, so much less humidity than in the spring.

        You are lucky to have a spot in that lovely valley.

      • Agreed! I think the fact that there is no electricity is what brought it into our price range. We literally searched the entire country, from Maine to Washington, to find the right property for us. We are so lucky to have found it!

  1. Very nice, my wife and I are searching for some property in the ozarks, we are planning for my retirement and want to get a homestead property. Solar and water power are the best options for off grid living in this area, and the hunting is good if your’e going for the subsistance life style.

    • Excellent. My husband and I bought a property down there and planned to homestead. It was a great off-grid cabin. We decided to buy a place in West Virginia instead, but I absolutely love that area of Arkansas. I wish you the best of luck! It is the perfect spot.

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