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6 thoughts on “The Basque Hens

  1. They are Beautiful! I am finally supposed to get a dozen Basque eggs next week, my wife’s customer Tom wants a female Eclectus that she found really bad and I wouldn’t give Karen the phone until he promised to send a dozen along as a finders fee! Then he had to go and tell her to let me know that his Cream Legbar project is coming along nicely.

    • Ha! You’ll have a brood of Legbars going before long, too! I think the Legbars are really cute with their little crest and I love the blue eggs of course. I would totally love some. The Basques are fantastic! Be prepared for the boldest, friendliest chicken you’ve ever had, and check out the Euskal Oiloa Forum. I am sure I linked to it on my Basque page.

    • Yes. The males have a strong barring pattern and distinct areas of color on the body. The females are a light golden color with a light amount of barring. You can see the male and female together in the last picture. Take a look at my main Basque Hen page here.

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