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German New Hampshires in the Sun

I live in a hollow on the north side of my ridge, and there are many times during the darker part of the year when we do not get direct sunlight during much of the day.  During the relatively rare moments of sun in the winter, I love to see the way my chickens’ feathers glow in the light.

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21 thoughts on “German New Hampshires in the Sun

  1. Nice pictures, I especially love the colors in the last photo! Having a flock of chickens certainly adds some spectacular colors to your yard!

    • Thank you! He’s got some gorgeous coloring. But you know what? I never see them more than 50 feet from the coop. They are either just so low on the pecking order from being the youngsters that they are too scared to stray and not be let back in, or they are too timid to range. They are gorgeous, but I have to go visit them to see them!

  2. Heather,

    Your photography is beautiful! But…I must complain a bit. See, I already have a terrible case of “chicken fever”…THEN…I keep seeing your posts with all of your MAGNIFICENT birds….and it just makes me want to go get 2 of these…1 of those…6 of that….hahahaha! Does this mean I can blame Heather for my ever growing “Breed Wish List”???? I think so! Hehe! I can see it now….tomorow when I order some Basque hen eggs my husband will say “MORE eggs?” And I will say….”but Heather has some and they are so beautiful, and I have been
    wanting some for SOOOO long”….and he will say…”Who is Heather?” Bahahaha!

    Ok….so….I’m not really complaining as you can see…..more like DROOLING out of jealousy…..hehe. anyhow….Beautiful birds!! They all seem to have a happy glowing ora of light around them!
    wanting some for SOOOO long”….and he will say

    • 😀 You made me laugh aloud! Too funny and too true. I have the chicken fever, too! It is too hard to resist the beautiful variety of amazing breeds which were created all over the world with such similar goals that we now have access to! So,…. did you order some Basque Hen eggs? 🙂 I must know!

      • Glad my post made you laugh….and it’s kinda sad….because its is really true. I will go off into endless chicken babble with my husband and say something like “I was reading about genetics again the other day over at Scratch Cradle….blah…blah…(insert something about F1 here)”……and my husband will interrupt me and say “You scratched your what??”……hahahhaa!!

        No….haven’t ordered myself any basque hen eggs yet…I actually had to STOP myself because I have a batch of Delawares in the incubator now due to hatch on the 30th! (I hate being patient sometimes…LOL)!
        Soon though, I keep telling myself…Basques soon….Partridge Cochins soon…….Double Laced Barnevelders soon….LOL…and the list goes on!

        Here’s to Happy Hatching,

      • That is hilarious! Awesome. You’ve got a great list of chickens there. I’ve wanted them all, too, of course. It is so difficult to choose breeds! They all have such interesting and different qualities, …. and they are so prrrretty! The two which I am having difficulty not ordering right now are the Cream Legbars and Penciled Plymouth Rocks. I probably will get the Rocks at some point…. 🙂 The list does go on!

      • EEEEEEK! I sooooo ALMOST ordered some penciled plymoth rocks when I ordered my Delaware eggs…but something distracted me (oh yeah, the fact that I THOUGHT I was going to get a dozen Coronation Sussex eggs this month…LOL!) They have been on my list since June when a fellow Chickenuer of mine showed me a hen she had! They are BEAUTIFUL! They are so much prettier in person than even in the pictures.

        And yes….I would love to have a couple of Cream Legbars also, but they are still a bit pricey for me. There is a lady near me that sells a breeding trio every month, and wants $125….but she doesn’t sell fertile eggs :(….so they are kinda low down on my mile long wish list.

        Hope you have a wonderful Gobble Day!

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