With so few of my hens laying due to the molt, I’ve been considering purchasing eggs. To me, this is a great challenge and one I generally avoid by keeping chickens myself. I want healthy eggs for my family, and I do not want to support businesses which do not provide ethical care for their animals. Those of you making similar considerations at this time may appreciate this article reposted from last February concerning how eggs are labeled and what these terms mean.

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Scratch Cradle

With the girls now laying at least a dozen eggs every two days, I have been considering how I should describe or label my eggs.  They have organic feed and scratch, but because they did not “go organic” until they were 8 weeks old last summer, they would not qualify as USDA Organic.  They have well over ten square feet each in the run, probably more like 20+ though I haven’t measured, which they are out in from about 7:00 until 2:00 each day with some veggies and treats.  Finally, they free range, not in a tractor but actually just fence-less, from 2:00 until they put themselves to bed at dusk.  They spend about half that time in the forest and half on the lawn, under apple trees, or in my garden.  So, what do I call that?

I found great article on Grit magazine’s website.  But, I must…

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