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Repurposed Table Feed Stand

The well-used table shields the feeder and still gets good use more than a year after it was first repurposed.

My cute little 4′ x 4′ coop does not have enough room for both a feeder and a waterer.  I have a half-gallon plastic bottle fitted with a chicken nipple hanging in the coop so that they have access to fresh water at all times.  However, I opt to keep the feed outside.

Some “range feeders” are made to sit outside and keep the rain out of the feed.  You can also make a tin cap to cover an open top.  Because the feeder I wanted to use was the hanging type and there was nothing to hang it from in the run, I decided to hang my feeder from the bottom of a small table.

I found a sewing machine-less sewing machine table at Goodwill for $2.  The sewing table was actually better than a side table because the long sides which would hide a sewing machine also block rain.  I used some long wood screws to secure down the folding top and attached a strong piece of lumber underneath fitted with an old hook I had hanging around from some forgotten project.

I painted the whole thing with outdoor paint to match the coop and keep it in decent condition.  The feeder hangs underneath very nicely and only gets wet in rains with very strong wind.   I adjust the height with a loop of rope or a piece of chain.

Here it is last year, back when my layers were only chicks and the run wasn’t even complete yet.

Of course, every group of residents want to sit atop the table, so it gets a bit, um, dirty.  Nothing that can’t be scraped off with a plastic dust pan, one of my favorite little coop-cleaning tools.  Chicks love to practice hopping up and flying down, and it’s a great place to crow or take in the sun. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Repurposed Table Feed Stand

  1. Thats a good idea. I use one of those trigger feeder thingy’s that go into a hole in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket, I was going to hang it kinda like you did, instead I used a shorter table and drilled the hole through the table and mounted the bucket on top. Now it’s easy to fill, rainproof with the snap on bucket lid, cuts down on waste because of self feeding function and the girls love hanging out under the table.

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