Basque Hen Chicks Update

Marraduna EO, “Mille” EO, EO Cockerel, and Australorp

My second hatch of Basque Hen chicks are seven weeks old now.  Mama Rosie began to lay again this past week and has gone to rejoin the layer flock, leaving her three chicks to their own devices.  I’ve opened the gate between the two groups of age mates to let them integrate further.  They are still sleeping apart, but hopefully I will be able to put them together soon.

The three chicks Rosie raised; still undersized compared to the others

I have 3 recessive white males, 1 dark marraduna male, 1 Australorp who might actually be a pullet despite my being convinced of its cockerel-ness for weeks, and 5 pullets: two marraduna, one light marraduna, one almost “mille fleur,” and one too underdeveloped to tell just yet, but most likely brown-ish.  The three chicks that were with Rosie are undersized but will hopefully catch up as they grow out.  Marraduna Basque Hens should look like the gorgeous flock here. (Click “fotos.”)

This off-color pullet has a pretty “mille fleur”-type coloring.

Two Marraduna-colored pullets

Dark Marraduna cockerel

The too-light (but beautiful) pullet next to a regular Marraduna pullet

The light pullet

Rosie’s little pullet; too soon to tell exactly what her coloring will be

The crooked-necked boy is doing very well; recessive white.

The Australorp

The Buffalo River in NW Arkansas (just ‘cuz it’s pretty)

12 thoughts on “Basque Hen Chicks Update

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! I need to d/l pic off my phone so that I can get some pics to share with you of our seven EO’s… I’m thinking I may have 3 recessive whites, 1 Miradunna pullet, and 3 Miradunna cockerels… but not absolutely sure. I love them… so very cuddly and loving… even the little crooked necked boy, once he stopped getting so very excitable and doing his “tuck-and-rolls!” LOL

      • All right, you genetic whiz, you! Are you on to something? One of my rwEOs is different from the other two… pictures in teh near future.

      • Maggiesdad… I can’t tell you how much joy those littles are giving me! Apart from having one with *mild* crookneck,.. those “tuck-and-rolls” though concerning, were hilarious… (sorry… my warped, hospital ICU nurse humor showing through!)… all are vigorous and healthy! 3 appear to be rwEO’s and I’m not experienced enough to tell what the other 4 may be… some days I swear 1 females and 3 males, other times I think its a 2 to 2… ratio. Hope to have the fight w/my cel phone cleared up to take pics again SOON! I may also be a little bit, because a dear friend has offered me her 4 True Aracauanas for $50 (1 BBR roo, and 3 Hens… 1 Red, 1 Blk, and 1 Red Pyle.) I can’t believe how truly blessed I am to have such wonderful chicken enablers… err… umm… friends! ;^)

      • I’m unsure at this point… no 2ndary characteristics are showing up, like they usually do at this time with my Araucanas and Ameraucanas… I *will* however, keep you updated on that! Do I sense a possible separation and preservation of a white EO strain? I’m all for it as well. ;^)

    • My older birds (not in this post) hatched from eggs I ordered from Skyline Poultry. This batch of chicks is from Maggiesdad who uses the same user name on Backyard Chickens. He ordered his original stock from Skyline, hatched out a lot of birds, and selected his current round of breeders. He did a great job! These chicks and his flock are beautiful!

      • My hatch is also from the same source… such loving, sweet babies!! Am still having a fight with the cel phone, so probably going to play with the camera to get good pics. Am not sure if the three rwEO’s are female or male… not showing definite 2ndary characteristics yet. I’m sure I’m overly optimistic, but hope to post pics tomorrow at latest. They are sure BEAUTIFUL, nonetheless… maybe looking at separating into a rwEO strain?? (Like some are doing with the Gorriea(sp?) ) (… would LOVE to see the naked necked variety show up!!… but that’s me… I’m into the weird and unusual… one reason I raise True Araucanas…LOL!!!!)

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