New Basques at 3 Weeks

Basque Hen pullet

My second batch of Basque Hens are three weeks old.  I let Rosie keep all of her chicks, of which there are three left, and tried to return all cockerels but my twisted-necked fellow.

At this age, I am becoming certain which are male and which are female as their secondary sex characteristics develop, such as a reddening comb on the cockerels.  It seems that the Australorp I kept is a cockerel, as is the twisted-necked fellow and one other incubator-hatched chick I kept.  I also kept four pullets from my hatch.  Rosie has one pullet and two cockerels as far as I can tell, so that is a grand total of 10 chicks, with five Basque pullets and five cockerels (Australorp, twisted, and three other Basque cockerels).

Basque Hen cockerel

Rosie’s chicks are smaller than mine.  I think she wastes a lot of their food by digging it into the ground.  I’ve tried a number of feeders, but she knocks them all over.  So far, this one has remained upright.  We’ll see how it goes.

Despite the heat and the extra work, I am really enjoying these chicks.  They are so friendly, curious, and pretty.  I can’t wait to see how they grow out.

I love this little pullet of Rosie’s! Cute as a bug.

This boy’s twisted neck is straightening out. He looks to be recessive white.

One of Rosie’s boys

A steamy shot of the seven incubator chicks

A Basque Hen pullet (Let’s hope!)

A little golden Basque Hen pullet

3 thoughts on “New Basques at 3 Weeks

  1. I can trade you out a BA pullet for the BA cockerel if you wish, and we can watch the EO pullets as they come along and get your flock where you want it to be too.

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