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Basque Hatch Update #3

So far, Rosie is being  a great mama!  I am so relieved.  She has three little Basque chicks so far, and the 4th egg was zipping when I checked on her, so it looks like 4 out of 4 for Rosie!  She is being patient and more protective now, pecking me as I mess with her, letting her chicks explore, and tucking them back underneath her when they try to wiggle in.  As I lifted her belly, she was letting out a lot of gurgly gas, so I hope that she gets up to relieve herself soon – I don’t think she’s been up in three days.

I also had 26 eggs inside.  So far, I have 17 chicks and two more pips.  Ten hatched overnight and two this morning!  I really hope that the pipped eggs and the remaining seven eggs hatch.  It’s only Day 21, but I get worried for the stragglers as the hatch winds down.  Keep your fingers crossed!


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