Basque Hatch Update #2

I checked on Rosie, and she has a little Basque chick under her! I didn’t take the time to check the other eggs, but it looks like she is doing great. She is really calm and seemed proud of her chick. I’ll probably take pictures tomorrow.

There are still just 2 chicks in the incubator but also about 12 pips including a beginning zipper. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Basque Hatch Update #2

  1. Whoo Hoo!!! Go Chickies go! Thanks for allowing me to hatch vicariously through you… LOL! I’ve been wanting some Euskal Oiloak to hatch for about a year now, but the eggs have been a little cost prohibitive at present… Oh well! ;^) All my best!! Jenn (AKA “Choctawgal” on the Basque forum.)

    • I’m glad you found your way over here, and I love your use of the proper plural! 🙂 James of Skyline has been having auctions on eBay which might be a bit cheaper than buying them outright, but if not, I am sure the price will be going down just like all of the rare breeds tend to do. I bet there will be a lot more people selling and sharing this year and next. I’ll post some picture later. Right now, they are all little tired fluffs under the EcoGlow!

    • Hey Jenn, I’d be willing to spot you a dozen hatching heuvos with the understanding that I’m not a breeder yet – no guarantees. You’re stateside, right?

      • Glen, I will take you up on your most generous offer!!! That takes a lot of the sting out of losing about 14 pullets to the heat today. 😦 I feel both humbled and honored with your gift… God Bless!

      • I am so sorry about your pullets! I almost lost a little GNH cockerel today. He was stuck under an upturned food bin and completely silent. If I hadn’t flipped it to wipe poop off of the bottom, he would have been stuck out there all night. Silly chickens. I’ll flip every upturned container I see from now on. You’ll love the little chicks from Glen’s flock. Sweet little bright-eyed chicks. 🙂

      • Wow – I had no idea. Something told me you needed eggs. My six girls are averaging 4 per day, and the size has really come along just in the past 4 weeks since I collected Heather’s. I should be able to get them out to you this week. Keep your chin up! 🙂

  2. Again, THANKS, MaggiesDad!!!
    I’m holding my chin up and eagerly awaiting the little “in-utero” Oiloak! Did you get my message with our address all right? I’ve just ordered a new liner for the incubator, since the one who has it is in use by 23 growing duck embryos!
    Our little Basque-to-be babies will be sharing the bator with a dozen true Araucana eggs! (double tufted BBR roo over clean faced black, splash, Columbian patterned, and BBR patterned true Araucana hens… I lucked out upon a breeder only 50miles away who wanted to barter a hand made drum (and a home salsa making/canning lesson for the next doz!!) WHOO HOO!!

    Scratchcradle, I’m so happy you found the little guy in time! When you are hands-on, like we are, every little one means something special in our hearts. I love your posts and updates! Keep them coming!

    Jenn Nashoba (AKA: ChoctawGal or “Mother Clucker”)
    feel free to check out our family blog at http://www.mothercluckerseggs.com
    or our Farm FB page at:

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