Basques at 9 Weeks

My Basque Hens from Skyline Poultry are 9 weeks old and truly beautiful, robust, and friendly.  My yellow-legged pullet has not developed dermal melanin for willow legs and still appears to be developing towards the standard in body shape (type), general robustness, and appearance.  My slate-legged pullet (with white skin and dermal melanin) is also robust and well-shaped.  I plan to keep them both.

Of my four cockerels, I don’t believe any will be staying long-term, but I will begin to make plans to sell those furthest from standard first and keep the most marraduna-ish boys until later in the season as back-up.  I am hoping to have a keeper-cockerel among the chicks I hatch next weekend from my friend’s flock – and a few more pullets, too!

There is also the elusive Brown Leghorn pullet.  She is adorable, and I almost never see her or can catch a picture.  She actively slips away and tries to hide among or away from the commotion of her hatch mates!

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