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GNH Hatch Update: Final Total of 8 Chicks!

Despite my anxieties, I had a pretty good hatch.  I have 8 chicks from the 15 eggs, which is just about 50%, the average for shipped eggs.  The number might have been nine, but one chick pipped at the bottom of the egg and I did not find it until it was too late.  Unlike all of the chicks I have hatched before, these actually waited until Day 21 to hatch!

These German New Hampshire chicks have an unusual temperament as well.  They are very quiet and subdued so far.  I would expect little fuzzy things to be tearing around the brooder, but instead, there are small, serious faces looking up at me, mild-mannered scratching in the food tray, and peaceful, long draughts at the water bowl.

That, and a lot of napping under the EcoGlow.  A lot.

But these chicks are not without attitude! 🙂  Check out this punk trio.

The chicks are a lovely reddish-buff on their backs and a yellow or platinum color on their heads and chests.  They have the grumpiest little faces like little old men – I think they are adorable!

It’s become hot so early this year that I am very glad to be done hatching.  This hatching season was definitely challenging.  After some reflection, I’ll share my thoughts and ask for your feedback as well.  For now, I’m keeping all three groups of chickens – adults, 3-week olds, and day-olds – clean, fed, and watered.  We’re making sure that everyone is drinking and can find their food and watching out for any signs of illness or distress.  We are also enjoying the cuddly-sweetness and wild excitement that baby chickens bring.

As I walk around my home, it is most definitely spring.


11 thoughts on “GNH Hatch Update: Final Total of 8 Chicks!

    • Thanks! I shined my candling flashlight in from the top of the incubator so that I could get better incubator shots. In the brooder, I held the camera down in the brooder so that the pictures would be on their level. Then I took a ton of pictures and cropped the good ones. 🙂

    • Yup! I used the new version of the Genesis 1588 with the digital thermostat for incubation and the other Genesis for hatch. I really like them because they keep the temps stable. I actually wrapped a thick beach towel around it this hatch, though, because we were having really hot days and cold nights the first week or so.

      • We just had four hatch under a broody gold laced wyandotte. We brought them inside because we couldn’t keep them safe from the other hens in the flock. Hatching is so great that I’m considering getting an incubator next year… may save up for a Brinsea.

      • It’s tough when the broody wants to stay with the flock but the flock is a danger to the chicks. I’m still trying to figure out a set-up where a broody will be happy and the chicks will be safe. I always enjoy having them in the house, though, especially when they are little fluffies!

  1. Thanks everyone! They are adorable. They are so calm. It’s bizarre. I’ve never seen the like! I love how breeds can have such distinctive personalities straight out of the shell.

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