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GNH Hatch Update: 3 Chicks Out!

This morning, I woke and ran excitedly to the incubator to see what had happened overnight.  Well, my pip hadn’t progressed, but one other egg had pipped.  Slightly distraught, I went on to work.  When I called my husband from work for an update, there were 4 pips – but still no chicks.  When I called again at 3:15 (the poor man), he said the first pip was zipping.

I got home around 4:30, the first chick was out and a second was zipping!  I stayed right by the incubator and watched the second German New Hampshire hatch.  About an hour later, I watched the third.

At present, there are three more pips.  These guys are hatching almost exactly 21 days after being set – nearly to the hour!  They sure scared me, but it may just be that this breed hatches exactly on time.  I hope to have more good news soon!  Thank you all for your kind comments and support!


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