Chickens / Incubation

Day 20: First Pip!

Hopefully I will be reporting chicks in the next few days!  Keep your fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “Day 20: First Pip!

  1. yeah i had some hatch over the weekend i try to do them on friday or saturday so when i have my girls they com over to some new born chicks. I bought some silver and gold seabrights off ebay and 4 silver hatched and 7 gold so looking forward to adding these breeds to my flock good luck on your babies tonight! love to wake up to a big batch of newly hatched chicks

  2. Congrats! I’ve been lurking and following your blog (mostly via email) and I’m so glad that some of them pipped! After yesterdays post I was starting to worry for you/them!

    I’ve been really stoked reading all your chicken posts this year–they make me feel like it is something that I might be able to do in the future. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! I was really worried, too. On Backyard Chickens Forum, Natures pace told me they are probably just hatching exactly on time because they are German. I thought that was really cute. I’m about half German – something like that, anyway – and it figures that their chickens would hatch on exactly day 21!

  3. sure hope there is an update when you get home from work. I’m already imagining the EO/GNH eggs that I will be putting under my broody next spring. 😉

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