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Hatch Update: 20 Chicks

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

A few more chicks hatched overnight.  While I still have one more pip in the incubator, so far I have 20 chicks!  Unfortunately, that number may be reduced by one or two because we are having some health issues around here, but I feel confident that they can be handled appropriately and with care and am already “hatching” a plan to improve the health and vigor of my newest stock.

My twenty chicks are:

  • 1 Rose Comb Brown Leghorn (so cute and tiny!)
  • 1 Orpington mix from my swap partner
  • 2 Marans mixes from my swap partner
  • 2 Blue Birchen Marans (1 blue, 1 black)
  • 6 Speckled Sussex and Speckled Sussex/Ameraucana and Easter Egger crosses from my flock
  • 8 Euskal Oiloa / Basque Hens, of which I may lose two.

This is the part of the hatch where everything slows down and you take stock of what you have.  Keeping the chicks warm and the water clean and caring for those who’ve had a tough time of it is the name of the game.


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