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Hatch Update: 17 and Counting

The hatch has slowed but certainly not stopped.  The 15 chicks hatched Thursday and Friday are happy in the brooder, and there are more on the way!  So far, there are:

2 Marans mixes: My swap partner listed her varieties for me.  She had Orpington, Ameraucana, and Easter Egger roosters over Marans and Orpington hens.  One Marans hen was cuckoo, or barred, and the other was wheaten.  Well, these chicks certainly aren’t wheaten; I think their mom was cuckoo (in the nicest possible way 😀 ).  Because their father was not, only male chicks would inherit the barring and would have a white dot on their head.  Thus, I think I have a male and female.

4 Speckled Sussex and mixes: Two are pure Speckled Sussex, one is SS over Silver Ameraucana (silver is dominant, can you guess who?), and one is SS over regular, golden duckwing Easter Egger.

8 Basque Hens and 1 Buff Orpington mix: Well, I also have 8 fantastic Basques and a buff Orpington mix from my swap eggs.  Only problem is – I can’t figure out which is the Orpington!  In the meantime, here they are.  One had crooked toes and another has leg problems.  I believe they are both on the mend, and I will explain in depth later.

In the incubator, I have a Blue Birchen Marans chick, a Brown Leghorn chick, a Blue Birchen egg pipping, and an SS x Easter Egger pip.  I’ll keep you updated!


6 thoughts on “Hatch Update: 17 and Counting

  1. How adorable. What fun and work keeping up with them all.

    Can you straighten me out? I got two cuckoo marans at the poultry fair last month. One has feathers on her (so hopeful) and one does not. I was reading online American breed legs do not have feather, but the French do. What do you think? From different roos or what. One is somewhat more colorful, bigger and lighter in color than the other. Also, the “copper” one has feathers on her legs. “She does not look like any pictures I have seen on the internet. Maybe wheaten. The black copper hens have very little copper and this little one is very colorful. Any comments.

    • I know that the leg feathering in the American strains is very variable; some have feathering and some don’t even within the same flock. If it’s from a small flock, I would bet there was one roo and several hens, some of which had feathering and some of which didn’t. I’m not sure about the coloring, not even sure I would know if I saw her. Sometimes there is more or less “leakage” of gold through the black, which could be the issue. How would you describe her color?

      • Mostly copper golden through the wings and then dark brownish black. She has very little tail feathers as compared to the others. Not sure how big the flock but said he was going to have 60 new hatches this month. He was so busy I did not have much a chance to talk with him about the parents. I think he was a runt. They last copper one left when I got there.

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