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Hatch Update: 15 and Counting

I have 15 chicks hatched: 8 Basque Hen chicks, 4 Speckled Sussex and Sussex Easter Eggers from my flock, and 3 swap chicks – two Marans mixes and one Orpington mix which I still can’t identify among the Basques.  Two of the Basque Hens had leg/toe troubles which I will chronicle later but are doing alright.

My first Easter Hatch chick just pipped – a Blue Birchen Marans.  He should be out in the next day or so.  I’ll keep you updated soon, but if you’d like to have a chance to watch some chicks hatch, you can watch a hatch cam of a fellow BYC Easter hatcher.  If I find any more, I will add the links here as well:


7 thoughts on “Hatch Update: 15 and Counting

  1. Such excitement!
    Thanks for the web cam link. I was watching, and obviously, the beak is the first thing to poke out. I have a question: Once they have pipped their egg, do they start breathing air while they’re still in the egg?

    • Actually, they begin breathing air before they pip the egg. The “air cell” at the top (wide end) of the egg is a bubble of air between membranes. The very first thing a chick does is “pip” the internal membrane into the air cell to take its first breaths. When it has built up enough energy, then it pips the shell and continues breathing outside air.

    • 🙂 Well, about half will be boys and have to find new homes. I’ll probably sell most of the little mutts as chicks, and later, when I decide which pullets I will keep from breeding, I will sell the others. Lots of work to do! But I am very excited!!!

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