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Hatching Update: 12 Chicks Out!

I woke up this morning to one little blonde Basque chick in the incubator.  As I was getting ready for work, a little Speckled Sussex was working his way out, and I was able to see him hatch before I left!  At lunch, the update was 7 chicks out in total, and by the time I got home, there were 9!

At the present (and this count is as much for your benefit as mine!), the totals are:

  • 7 Basques hatched, 1 pipped, 4 inactive; 6 Basques are in the brooder and 1 is drying off in the incubator.
  • 2 Speckled Sussexes from my flock hatched and in the brooder
  • 1 Specked Sussex / Silver Ameraucana cross in the brooder – completely adorable with long fluffy feathers and puffy white cheeks!  One Specked Sussex / Easter Egger egg is pipped.
  • 2 Swap eggs hatched: My swap partner had many colors of Orpington hens and cuckoo and wheaton Marans hens under Orpington, Ameraucana, and Easter Egger roos.  So far, one little black Orpington-under-? chick has hatched as well as one wheaten Marans-under-? chick.  The wheaten chick is blonde like my Basques, so I haven’t figured out which one it is yet!  Two more swap eggs are currently inactive.
  • All of the eggs set two days later, on the 17th for the Easter Hatch, are still inactive.  This includes: 2 Brown Leghorns, 3 Blue Birchen Marans (yes, I’ve had counting problems…), 1 Dutch Bantam, and 3 from my own flock.

Yikes!  It has been busy and FUN!!!  Two Basques needed help hatching because of weird air cell issues that caused them to pip wayyy too far down on their eggs.  Because this was totally due to shipping, I had no issue at all helping them out.  I hope I still have many more hatching over the next few days, so I’ll keep you posted!  I have a feeling today’s chicks will have to endure a big photo-shoot tomorrow! 😀


3 thoughts on “Hatching Update: 12 Chicks Out!

  1. Oops! I just checked with my husband who was home when they hatched, and I have it backwards. The black chick was from a dark egg, so I am thinking cuckoo Marans mix. The wheaten chick was from the Orpington egg, so I have no idea what the heck is going on there! Maybe it is buff? I will have to investigate…

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