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Setting the Second Wave

I set my second batch of eggs yesterday afternoon.  They’ll hatch the day before Easter along with hundreds – perhaps thousands – of other chicks as part of Mahonri’s 3rd Annual Hatch-a-long on BYC.  I set 6 Rose Combed Brown Leghorn eggs and 6 Blue Birchen Marans eggs from Gabbard Farms.  I had wanted Wheaten Marans, which had nice dark eggs, and picked the Blue Birchen as a last-minute replacement because the Wheatens simply weren’t laying.  The BB Marans eggs are not “Marans” dark as is often the case when breeders are creating a new color of Marans.  Although some breeders do have dark Blue Birchen Marans, it seems that these are not.  Well, either that, or it is already late enough in the breeding season that the eggs have lightened significantly.  Oh, well, they will be fun to hatch, but I may just sell them as day old chicks because I do not think they will fill the dark-egg niche as I hoped.

These eggs were shipped in foam.  All arrived perfectly intact, but I must admit that in my hurry, I did not candle these before setting.  When removing an egg from foam packers, you need to push them through and out the back to reduce the chance of breakage.

I am also hatching my very first true bantams – Creme Dutch Bantams!  I will give more information about this and all of the other breeds I am hatching throughout the three rather uneventful weeks of incubation, but it will suffice for now to say that they are tiny and so are their eggs!

By stephen jones from uk ([1]) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A Dutch Bantam hen (not Creme)

These were packaged most conventionally – in an egg carton, wrapped in paper towels, inside a larger box full of packing material – and all 7 arrived intact.  They are the cutest stinkin’ little eggs!

And here they all are in the incubator with Thursday’s Basque Hens!  (And a few from my flock.)

2 thoughts on “Setting the Second Wave

  1. Heather, Good to see you at the poultry market. I had some info to send you, but I have misplaced your email. Could you please send it to me.

    Good luck with hatching! I can’t wait to see what appears.

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