Finally Some Snow!

We had a freak snow around Halloween, a few dustings, and a mid-December day with about two inches, but this is the first real snow of the winter!  It’s a light, dusty snow which has been blowing around a bit, but it looks like about seven inches.

The chickens used to be afraid of the snow. They wouldn’t come out, and when my husband coaxed them enough, they would fly from the chicken door as though they were not sure the white beneath them was solid!  Yesterday, as the snow fell, they made the most of their free-ranging under this work table.

Today, I shoveled a 10’x10′ area of their run, so they came out for a bit at least to have some scratch and cabbage.  Henny, the Speckled Sussex, was marching through the deep snow in the run when I left, so perhaps they are learning that snow is perfectly safe!


5 thoughts on “Finally Some Snow!

  1. My chickens are definitely chicken too. They don’t want to get their feet wet. I rescued two yesterday; one off a tiny stump and another off an outside roost. They are such babies. They would not even eat their oatmeal I fixed for them. However, one made it to the garage which is a good ways away. Hope she can get back home. The sun shines more up near the house than it does on their house.

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