Twice As Many

Throughout the winter, I’ve gotten two or three eggs a day from my nine pullets.  Two had never even laid.  This week, with day length now exceeding 10 hours and 10 minutes per day, egg production doubled!  On Tuesday, I received my regular three eggs.  The very next day, I collected a record-breaking (well, um, local record) 6 eggs in one day, which included one egg each from my here-to nonlayers!

Here is Wednesday’s haul:

The eggs in the twelve and ten o’clock positions are Henny the Speckled Sussex and Phoebe the Phoenix’s first eggs.  Aren’t these little Phoenix eggs darling?

I’m smitten – smitten, and swimming in eggs.  I’ve gotten 18 eggs in the last 4 days which is just over what I have been averaging per week.  I just sent off a lovely 6-pack of colorful eggs to my mother in law, and I have even more to spare.

Greenfire Farms in Florida sent out a newsletter on January 31st reporting doubled egg production on their farm.  My production doubled on February 1st.  Has anyone else seen such an occurrence?  When, and how long was your day?


5 thoughts on “Twice As Many

  1. Beautiful eggbasket, Heather!
    My quartet hasn’t doubled production, but it definitely has picked up. Rescue chickens still aren’t laying, but they’ve started hanging out in the nest boxes the past two days. My first round EO girls will be nearing POL in March – It’s going to be an exciting spring!

  2. I have had a wonderful response of eggs. First batch born 4/1/11 and second 5/1/11. The second (Australorps) were slow to lay, but all have been significantly laying every day or every other day since. One day I got a egg the size of a dime. Regular size since. When I had 7 chicks before one Australorp got killed by a fox I think I got 6 eggs out of 6 chicks. Usually I would get 4-5 daily. Now it is 3 or 4. I think the smaller chicks were latter to lay because at that time we were free ranging from the time they got up (until one disappeared – again by a fox I think) so they were foraging more than eating their food and a little slower to develop. Currently, I am only letter them out in the garden for a couple of hours a day until we can do something about the fox. Don’t know what I will do when I start gardening. They are so unhappy in their pen althought it is good size and want to foraging in the woods, on grass in the afternoon.

    I too am anendated by eggs. We have been eating a ton of deviled eggs, have given some to neighbors and friends, and still always have some on hand. My pumpkin pie recipe takes 6 eggs and coconut pie take 4 so you know what I have been doing. Also, make a Quiche once in a while and may even add an extra egg if they are small. Twice I have gotten a double yolk. None in awhile.

    Anyone have suggestions about the fox/es? I want so much to free range in our yard. We have about 1 acre fenced in, but not high enough to keep out predators.

    • You need to nail down for sure what kind of predator is getting your birds. If it is a fox, and you want to get it into a specific location, then I’d suggest sardines. They will come to that. You take it from there! ;^)

    • Wow! I have never gotten a double yolk! It’s great to have extra eggs on hand for all of those egg-rich recipes. I like to make Challah bread with some of my extra eggs. Just thinking about your pumpkin pie makes my mouth water.

      I think foxes are tough. We got bizarrely lucky this year. We have a den sometimes used by foxes and sometimes by groundhogs that is literally about 25 feet from my chicken coop. This summer, a couple of grey foxes stayed there for a week or two. We didn’t let the chickens out to range while they were there, but they seemed disinterested and would lay outside the den and just watch the chickens with a bored look on their pretty little faces. They never even tried to dig in, and eventually they moved on. Stressed me out for a while, though.

      I wonder how the fox is getting around your regular fence. You would think it would be enough of a deterrent. I don’t think foxes would go over so much as under. I looked around for suggestions on Backyard Chickens forum, and most people were suggesting electric fencing. I think it’s a bit pricey, but you can get a run of fencing, a few posts, and a solar panel and then move the flock around to different areas of the yard. You might also be able to find a chicken tractor, a little movable pen, and perhaps that could be secured to the ground. A fox could dig under it, but they are less likely to set down to digging in the middle of the day.

      I hope you find something that works for you. That is a tough one. Perhaps the foxes have moved along; mine don’t ever stay in one den too long. Has anyone seen them recently? Maybe someone else will have some good ideas.

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