Winter Sun

As we drift deeper and deeper into winter, sunlight is a precious commodity here on the north side of our small ridge.  Most days, we are getting an hour or two of direct sunlight at best.  We are still getting one or two eggs a day although their laying cycle is tied to hours of daylight.  I recently discovered that the coop is better placed than I had realized; the dip of the hollow actually allows a few more hours of sun in their small yard than almost anywhere on the property.  Those hours pass in the late morning, and when they are let out in the early afternoon, they rush to soak up the last few rays gracing our front porch.  Thus, I was able to take these photos from the comfort of my kitchen window.

Life has returned to normal around here after our brief stint of broodiness.  Olive has slowly reentered flock life.  She ranged longer and longer when set outside with the others until finally she began roosting with them at night, the final step in her reintegration.  Little White and Phoenix (who I am considering naming Phoebe) still roost on the side of the nest box as often as not. It’s wonderful to see Olive ranging on the mountainside with the flock again.  Can you spot the chicken in these pictures?


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