Broody Olive / Chickens

Still Waiting…

Little Olive is still sitting on an unhatched egg.  Given that she began sitting at around noon on Saturday, November 12th, I was expecting the chick to hatch yesterday if it was still viable, but it is still possible that it might hatch today, especially given the low temperatures over the last three weeks.  However, low (or high) temperatures are also listed as one of the main causes of embryo death between days 12 and 18 in Gail Damerow’s The Chicken Health Handbook.

I am not sure what to do if the chick doesn’t hatch.  I could either try to break her broodiness or try to find her a couple of day-old chicks locally.  The former is probably more logical given the fact that it is December, and I don’t seen any chicks under a week or so of age on Craigslist.  Still, I am undecided.  I just hope the egg magically hatches, although I am losing hope.

I should have put more eggs under her, but my eggs were all refrigerated at the time.  I could have collected a few more eggs and then switched the clutches out a few days later, but I didn’t want to discard a developing egg.  In the spring, when a broody is more likely, I’ll be sure to keep a half-dozen unrefrigerated eggs around just in case, switching them out for fresh as we go.

In other news, I’ve been getting my first brown eggs, most likely from my Welsummer pullet, Rosie.  Having had the green for so long now, the brown seems very exotic!  Here they are compared to one of my green eggs.

And here are my two Silver Ameraucana pullets.  They are quite cute hanging out on the porch on a chilly winter day.


One thought on “Still Waiting…

  1. The Ameraucanas may be hoping for an invitation inside!!
    The brown eggs look neat – I especially like the speckled ones.
    As for Olive, I’m crossing my fingers. Doesn’t seem likely that one day more or less would be too much to worry about. I remember your eggs hatched on different days last spring.

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