Saturday at Home

It was a brisk and sunny fall day.

I enjoyed a quiet Saturday at home – without a paper to write!  I love the woodsy smell like incense in the forest air and the way the fall sun makes the leaves glow like stained glass.  I let the birds out to range around one o’clock (I love to see times written out; you don’t see that as much anymore), and they rummaged through deep drifts of dried leaves all afternoon.  They’ve grown bolder and now often leave the lawn to venture up onto the hillsides into the maze of brambles and dried shoots for the bugs that live under damp leaves and fallen branches.  There was some crowing and squabbling, but for the most part, it was an idyllic Saturday afternoon for all of us.

Little White, as she has come to be called, is a beautiful EE pullet.

The little phoenix is looking much fuller and healthier.

Here is the king and queen, Lazzie and Penelope, the top roo and hen.

Olive is still laying her daily egg at about 10 am.

The coop is mostly tightened up for winter.

It has been a vivid fall.


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