Golden Eggs (Well, Almost.)

Last night, I could hardly wait to snap a few photos of the eggs before I cracked them open to see what we had.

And what we had was gold.  (I knew there was a reason these chickens were so expensive!)

The yolks of the two homegrown eggs far outshone those of the two “natural” grocery store eggs.  This indicates higher levels of carotenoids, which are only made in plants (i.e. not made in animals).  Basically, these chickens have been eating plenty of plants while ranging, and so their eggs contain more nutrients.  Color = Nutritive value.

Compared to grocery store egg

Again, compared to grocery store egg

So, when I say these babies are gold, I mean they are golden.  Although the color is likely to decrease during the winter when less plant matter is available, it is now a source of reassurance that my birds are healthy and my food of the best quality I can provide for myself.


4 thoughts on “Golden Eggs (Well, Almost.)

  1. Yes! Who would ever buy grocery store eggs again. If necessary I check on others that have organic eggs for sale. BUT having your own is best.

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