My Very First Egg!

This tiny, perfect, green egg was laid sometime today right in a nest box by one of the EE girls.  The color refuses to show up in a picture, but it is actually green.

It was followed later this afternoon by my second egg – perfect but dirty and laid in the middle of the compost pile!


4 thoughts on “My Very First Egg!

    • The second one was a bit dirty, so I wiped it with a dry paper towel. It might look a little darker.
      I’ve gotten two more now – one more yesterday and one today – and all seem to be almost the same color of muted green. Very cute!

  1. Congratulations! Our Black Stars started laying at 18 weeks and since then we have gotten one double yoke. The Black Australorps are just 22 weeks this week and I am still waiting for their first egg. The Stars knew just what to do and have always gone in the nesting boxes. Not sure the others will follow suit and I have been looking around the yard, but nothing yet. I know how exciting it is.

    • Thank you, and congratulations to you! It certainly is exciting. 18 weeks is very early! Good luck with the Black Australorps. I am still waiting on my two hens of heritage breeds, the Welsummer and Speckled Sussex. Perhaps they just take a bit longer. Good luck!

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