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The New Girls

Roosting atop the fence

The Golden Phoenix and white Easter Egger pullets came home with me from the poultry sale at Expoland in late August.  It’s been a rocky adjustment for them.  At first, and really until this week, they insisted upon roosting on the fence posts each evening.  So, each night we would lift them from the post and set them inside their coop to rest in safety for the night.

They have pined for the company of the bigger chickens, sitting atop their fence and looking down on the other birds.  At times, I believe they have gotten into the pen.  In fact, I recently noticed that the top of the phoenix’s head looks pecked, and I suspect she found her way both into and out of the big chickens’ run.  She’s a good flier, so she was able to get to safety.

The little white Easter Egger still sounds like a chick – she peeps instead of clucking.  The phoenix is older, the same age as my oldest chickens, the Easter chicks.  She has been clucking since I brought them home, but she is small, now even smaller than the white Easter Egger.  The seller said she was standard sized, but she may be a bantam as she has not grown much in the past month.  I am now somewhat nervous that she may be injured if Lazzie, my large Speckled Sussex roo who is now starting to feel his oats, treads her.

Because of my concerns about their size, the new girls are still living in their own apartment, the 4×4 coop, where they were placed for their quarantine period.  It has been over a month since I brought them home, and I do believe they are healthy.  I have removed the barrier between the pens, and now only the wire fence separates them from the main flock.  I will have to combine them sooner or later.  Perhaps next weekend…  In the meantime, they are just adorable. (Dust bathing below.)

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