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Ready to Lay?

Well, the Easter chicks are now 22 weeks old, hopefully nearing what is called “point of lay”.  I had been expecting to have eggs around the 20th week, so…. any day now! (I hope.)  The girls have been escaping from their pen with increasing regularity, so today we were working to remedy that situation and allowed everyone out.  The girls’ combs are reddening up, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you my first egg soon!

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At this point, I could switch to a layer feed instead of the grower that they have been eating.  Layer feed contains the calcium needed for strong eggshells.  However, too much calcium can cause kidney troubles in birds which are not laying, such as young birds and males.  Another option is to feed a flock raiser or continue with grower and offer calcium in the form of crushed oyster shells or limestone free-choice.  This is the option that I have chosen.  As the first few eggs are usually soft-shelled anyway, as the little hen’s body makes its first few attempts to create a viable egg, I will put out the calcium when I see the first egg.

Which should be anyyyyyy day now…. 😉


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