Chickens / Gardening

Windfall Apples

Though not actually felled by wind, our fall apples were an unexpected gain.  For years, the three standard apple trees on our property have been primarily feeding deer.  Because the apples were small and usually scant, I had assumed that the trees were “cooking apples” – tart and best used for cooking.  However, this year’s crop was heavy and, as it ripened, attracted my curiosity. I borrowed an apple picker from my parents and harvested the largest of the ripe apples.  I figured that I would feed them to the chickens if they were too bitter or wormy.

As it turns out, they were some of the sweetest, juiciest apples I have ever eaten!  The small, red apples nearly as sweet as candy, and the larger red and green apples from the other tree at least as good as any from the orchard we visit each fall.  I will definitely be harvesting more, and my dad will help me to trim the trees to make them more productive.  What luck!

I had a full grocery bag of apples, so I weeded out the most damaged for the chickens.  They went crazy for them!  Then, I sat down to a sweet breakfast of essentially organic, homegrown apples, homemade oatmeal bread, and sunflower seed butter.


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