Meet the Flock

I went to the poultry show at Expoland yesterday morning and found a new home for the first chick I ever hatched.  Because of his “brutality” while climbing over the other kids in the incubator, he was nicknamed “Brutus.”  Brutus was, indeed, a he, and as such, he has gone to a home where, buyers assured him, he was going to have to so many ladies to tend to, it might overwhelm him!

Brutus got a lot of attention at the show yesterday because he is such a pretty boy.  In fact, after I had sold him, another buyer came looking for him as well.  Here is Brutus, who now lives with a sweet older gentleman with a ZZTop beard and a flock of ladies for Brutus to serve.

So, with Brutus the EE and the non-Lazzie Speckled Sussex cockerel leading lives in new homes, the flock of older chicks looks small with only nine members.  However, they are a beautiful group, and I would like to introduce them, some of which will be staying and others which may find homes elsewhere.  Everyone here is 12 weeks old this weekend, still young’ns.

The Welsummers:

Welsummer #1 is called Reddy Roo.  He’s the reddest boy and also the most intelligent.  He figures out EVERYTHING first.

Welsummer #2 is “the other Welsummer roo.”  He recently usurped Reddy Roo and is the top-cockerel.  He is the only boy crowing, usually just in the few minutes while I am in the hollow before I’ve let them out for the day.

The Welsummer pullet is a sweet, unassuming girl who is becoming more friendly as she gets older.  She will most likely be staying with us, so I need to come up with a name!

The Speckled Sussexes

Lazarus had a tough start in life, but he has grown to the same size as the other boys.  He’s healthy and a bit silly, and, because he is less assertive than the other boys, he is the low man on the roo totem pole.  (And, um, if you think he looks just like the boy that I sold, it’s because I made a mistake with the pictures in the other post.  Oops!  Sorry.)

This little pullet is so sweet that I’ve taken to calling her Henny.  “Hello, little hen!  Hello, Henny!”  You can see how this began.  She is the most curious and friendly bird and is also the lowest on the entire flock totem pole (pecking order, that is.)  She always runs up to me to see what I’m doing and has even hopped up onto my thigh before.  Back when they were small and I let them out into their run for the first time, she was the first one out, brave little thing.  She is also staying, and I hope she goes broody next spring because that would be the cutest thing I can possibly imagine!

The Easter Eggers

The remaining EE cockerel is gray, a color called blue in the chicken world.  We’ve called him “the gray boy,” and, like the other boys, he is looking for a home.  He was my favorite as a chick because he has always been beautiful and stoic, watchful but quiet.  He is still such a good and handsome boy.  He’ll be going with me to the next poultry show, and I am sure he will find a home.

This pullet was the most skittish chick, but she’s grown to be the top hen.  Sometimes called “Black and White” and sometimes “Lady,” which will probably be her name, I think she is the most striking pullet.

This little sweetie is one of the girls who spent the night outside in a tree.  Just sweet, friendly, and unassuming, she is a beautiful girl.  She may or may not be going to live with a friend, so I am not naming her just yet.

The ninth member of the Easter chicks’ flock is this little pullet with some of the most beautiful coloring.  Although she is pooing in this picture, it does show how pretty she is!  She also spent the night outside and may be going to live with a friend.

I have enjoyed these birds so much.  🙂  Just for fun, here they are dust bathing, a favorite activity.


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