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New Coop – Almost Finished!

Trim up, and see my little step and the solar panel at the top corner?

   Well, the inside walls have been painted, the trim is finished, pop door installed, all hardware is on, roost installed, ceiling insulated, and hooks and chain suspend a waterer and feeder from the ceiling.  The waterer is a 5-gallon bucket with one nipple on the bottom.  I went back and forth between 1 and 2 nipples, but decided on 1 because the more use a nipple gets, the less likely it is to clog.  So far, it seems everyone is doing well with one in the smaller coop, and I can always add another nipple if needed.  The feeder is a great galvanized steel hanging feeder that holds 12 pounds of feed.  I’ll be storing extra feed in a metal trash can.  (We’ve learned in our garage that mice can chew through plastic.)

   It doesn’t sound like much, but all of this detail stuff has taken many hours of work.  I decided today that, yes, I really do need to paint the floor, so I’ll be going to town (again) tomorrow for that.  Once the floor paint is dry, the big chicks (9+ weeks now) will move and be locked in for a day to learn that this is their new home.  That day, I will make and install the ramp.  The next few days, I’ll be letting them free range and working on the run.  I am planning to only use the run during certain situations, but I might decide to keep them in the run part of the day and only free range when I am home or some other such arrangement.  We’ll see.  Live, experiment, and learn.  Once the run is done, then we’ll need to install the windows and make and install vent covers.  Then trim paint and caulk… I’m sure other projects will present themselves.  Whew.  It is really much more involved than it first seems, but I am immensely pleased with the coop.  Well, here it is so far!

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