Scratch French Fries

    As you may vaguely remember, this blog is not entirely about chickens!  (Just, um , about 74.46%.)  Today we decided to make burgers and fries the way they were meant to be: burgers grilled outside over burning coals and fries on the stove  frying in oil. 

   I put a half inch of vegetable oil in the bottom of a 2 quart sauce pan and set it on a burner at medium high (6 out of 10 on my stove) to heat while I prepped.  I cut the potatoes into thin fries because they heat through more quickly and then dropped them individually into the hot oil, about one potato’s worth at a time.  I stirred occasionally with my metal tongs to keep them from sticking to each other and pulled them out when they were a deep brown.  The hot fries went onto a plate lined with paper towels, and after the next batch was in the oil, they were sprinkled with a pinch of seasoning – salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some paprika.  (I put in a bit of Mark’s premixed burger seasoning, but – shhh – that was not from scratch!)  I tossed them about on the plate with the tongs to coat them evenly. 

   I must tell you – they rival the best fries in your favorite burger joint, but they were cheaper and organic. 😉

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Scratch French Fries

1-2 potatoes per serving, vegetable oil, 1 t. salt, ½ t. black pepper, ¼ t. paprika or spice mixture

Put ½ an inch of vegetable oil into a 2 quart sauce pan over medium-high heat.

Cut 1 to 1 ½ potatoes per person into thin sticks.  (Chop lengthwise into thin slices, split into two piles with the center slices on the bottom, and chop again into sticks.)

Test the oil with a small piece of potato.  The oil is ready when it immediately begins to float and bubble.

Carefully slide one potato of sticks into the oil.

Mix salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika or spice mixture.  Place paper towels onto a plate.

Remove fries from oil to the paper towel with metal tongs when dark golden brown.  Put the next batch of potato into the fryer.

Sprinkle the hot fries with the salt mixture and turn to coat.

Eat while hot, but not too hot! 😉


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