Growing Chicks

   The Ameraucana chicks are growing.  They have had this rabbit waterer in their brooder for a few days, and because none seemed to figure it out on their own as my Easter chicks had, I dabbed peanut butter on the end a few times.  Yesterday while cleaning the brooder, I heard a chick peck the waterer.  Finally, the time had come!  The other waterer was filled with poop and shavings many times a day, and now it is no more!  As soon as it was removed from the brooder, the chicks immediately switched to the rabbit waterer.  Not only is the water clean and fresh, this provides more activity and challenge to keep the chicks busy!

   Mark has been feeding the chicks out of his hand multiple times a day.  Novelty seems to be attractive; they will eat from your hand in a frenzy even when you’ve simply pinched a bit from their freshly-filled bowl!  Silver Ameraucanas are notoriously skittish.  This hand-raised group has no such issue!


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