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New Coop in Progress!

   This weekend, Mark and his friend constructed the bulk of a new 8′ x 8′ coop!  His friend is a former contractor with years of experience, and, in exchange for a motorcycle jacket, he was able to put up the building on Saturday – yes, in one day!  We had a few thunderstorms and he was unable to finish the roof, so that became the main project for today.  Unfortunately, we had a lot of rain again, so while the roof and door are now on, the windows, roost, pop door, vent covers, etc. will be left to me and Mark.  He is, however, going to come back in a few weeks to build some nest boxes!

   I will take some more pictures in the morning, but here are the few I have from the process.  We based the coop on BYC member Elmo’s but adapted it to suit our materials and location.  Mark’s friend sort of improvised from there.  It is actually 6 feet tall in the back and 8 in the front!  Huge!  We found great old 6-pane windows under the house along with an old, solid wood door.  They probably have lead paint, so we will follow the encapsulation method and simply paint over, not disturbing (i.e. sanding/scraping) the original paint.  You’ll notice there is a good bit of venting; ventilation is one of the keys to chicken health.  I’ll do a post about it later.  I am so excited!  I think I’ll move in and let the chickens have my room…

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